British Isles meet 6A

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Leaving the snow right behind us, we set out on our journey to Winchester on April 19th 2017. Surprisingly, Great Britain greeted us with sunshine and rather high temperatures until the rest of our 8-days-trip. Winchester is the place to be, when you have retired or have children, but also when you are an exchange student from Austria. The rather small town offers great opportunities to do research or street interviews and simply hang out with your friends, enjoying an ‘it’s-not-a-holiday-trip'. Going through town by bus was fun, as some buses left earlier, arrived later or didn’t come at all. After all, we were told that going by bus prevented us from getting lost in a town where it is almost impossible to get lost. Honestly, somehow some of us still manged to do so, but as you know we are rather peculiar.

Besides from working hard on our projects (no joke!) we spent two days outside of Winchester and had a diverse range of evening activities. For once we paid a visit to the Science Centre Winchester doing some crazy stuff like testing our reaction rate. On Monday, April 24th, we went to an evening service to listen to the famous only-men choir in the Winchester Cathedral. It was amazing, breath-taking and I bet everyone had goose bumps.

On the weekend of April 22nd and 23rd we went to London and Portsmouth. London welcomed us as the big, crowded, loud, crazy and fascinating metropolis it is. ‘Going sightseeing’ really involved a great deal of walking. Walking past St Paul’s Cathedral, the Globe Theatre, Tower Bridge, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden were on the agenda, as well as catching squirrels as a bet. By the way, we even managed to lose our teachers, Mr. Scharf and Mrs. Traxler, once. Portsmouth was the complete opposite. The day was like a day at the seaside is supposed to be: relaxing, funny, warm and in an environment that made it possible to spend time between ourselves only. Although the temperature of the water was probably around 11 °C, two boys still decided to go for a quick swim as they had taken a bet as well. If you want to know what their prize was I guess you should ask them. The girls were shyer as they just dipped their feet in the ice-cold water.

All in all, our trip to Winchester was not only the best trip any student from Tulln has ever made, but one of the greatest, funniest and most exciting experiences we had ever had. Thank you for that!

Hannah Oitzl and the rest of 6A