Global Education Week: Violence and Peace

In the course of the European Global Education Week – which took place form November 16th to November 20th and focuses on themes which are of global importance – the students of the elective subject English (FCE 1 + FCE 2) worked on the topics of Violence and Peace. After having exemplified different types of violence, various images, texts and posts on social media that were published in the aftermath of the recent terrorist attacks in Vienna were discussed. Finally, the students talked about the meaning of peace and agreed on a phrase for defining it. “The Alphabet of Peace” creatively presents the various aspects the term peace contains.

  • ABC_of_Peace_1
Mag. Theresa Zinnerer


noun [U]  /piːs/

= feeling happy and safe in your environment and to feel free to do anything you want.

= freedom and safety and when people solve their fights/arguments/general problems without any violence and accept each other.