• 20210924_sorry-we-missed-you
Sorry we missed you!

 In the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2008 Ricky and Abbie, parents of two children in their teenage years, are struggling between leading a happy family life and keeping their family afloat financially. Not having a proper education, Ricky decides to become self-employed as a delivery driver. Abbie is a hard-working and loving home care nurse, a job which is shown to be as demanding as it is fulfilling. The film authentically portrays the rough life as delivery driver, and questions at what cost our modern society’s demand for receiving online orders as quickly as possible comes.

The open end of the movie leaves a lot of room for discussion and speculation, which the students of 8b engaged in after having watched “Sorry we missed you” in the cinema in Tulln.

Mag. Theresa Zinnerer