Language trip to Dublin 6b, 6c

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Last week our class was in Ireland,
We were walking, we were dancing, we were drumming like a band.

On the first day, we went for a walk in Howth,
and we got to know that the weather can be both,
either sunny, either rainy, also hailing, it all was there,
and we couldn’t find a place that’s sheltered anywhere.
However, it was a nice day in this city,
because the sea and the rocks were really pretty.

The next day we had an orientation tour,
and afterwards we had lunch in a pub, which you would’ve liked, I’m sure.

On the third day we were hiking,
which was really fun but also frightening.
Some of the students got really wet
because they slipped on a stone and fell in the river, but they weren’t upset.

On Sunday we drove to the best view I’ve ever seen,
the Cliffs of Moher, the Burren, and everything in between.
The weather was stunning, Galway city was too,
I would say everyone should see it, including you.

On the following day it was really hot.
Do you think we needed jackets? Absolutely not.
We had another tour in the center of Dublin, there
we heard Irish music everywhere.
In the evening we got to know the traditional dances of Ireland,
which we didn’t really understand,
so it looked way more funny than professional or planned,
but having fun is the most important thing in the end.

On Tuesday we tried Gaelic Games for the first time,
in the morning it was a little bit cold, but it got better when the sun began to shine.
It was different, it was new,
It just wasn’t what we’re used to.
But it was still worth the experience,
so I’m glad we gave these sports a chance.

On our last day we went to Malahide,
where the beach was open and wide.
Some of the boys went for a swim in the sea,
but it was way too cold for most of us, including me.

We went to a language school during this week,
where we got to listen, where we got to speak.

The last evening ended by playing Irish drums,
which we accompanied by singing and hums.

On Thursday, three in the morning was the time we met,
so we flew home, and this week became one I will never forget.

(Livia Hofer and Melanie Dorn, 6c)